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WordWav is a program that allows the user to easily convert text into an audio file. The audio file can then be listened to on many different audio players. The aim of word.wav is to help Teachers of the Visually Impaired quickly convert notes to an easily digestible format for their students. Notes from other classes, internet information or even documents of your own creation; it only take a few seconds to convert from text to an audio format. Even entire novels have been converted with WordWav!

How does WordWav work?

  • Paste pre-existing text documents into WordWav for quick conversion…
  • Or type new documents into the WordWav text field.
  • Click save and you’re done!
  • The text to audio conversion process usually takes only a few seconds!

The aim of WordWav is to be accessible to as many students as possible. As such, WordWav’s system requirements are quite low. It should work on any Windows computer.

Known requirements:

  • Windows operating system.
  • An internet connection for initial installation and registration.
  • Optional: WordWav can use other SAPI TTS voices installed on your computer. Additional voices can be purchased from various vendors online. If you’re unsure about other voices, don’t worry. All modern builds of Windows include default voices which can be used.