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Assistive Technology is complicated pieces of software and/or hardware that can often rely on many other factors in order to work as intended. If any product that you've purchased from us stops working properly for some reason, we are committed to help you determine and solve the problem, whether it be a software or hardware related issue.

If you've bought your device or software from us and can't resolve an issue you're having with it, call our Online toll-free Support at 1-844-795-8324.

And in the cases where support can't solve the problem because it needs repairs, we can help with that too. We have partnered with Chaos Technical Services, one of Canada's only Assistive Technology Service Centers in order to be able to provide quick turnaround and high quality repairs on almost any piece of Assistive Technology! 

We understand that your Assistive Technology purchase is important to you and quite often has a significant impact on your daily life, so we're dedicated to making sure that it's fully functioning and reliable.

Some Useful Downloads  

RIM Host Software

This software is to be downloaded and installed on a client machine that one of our Technical Assistants will then use to connect to your computer and resolve whatever software issues you may be having.

Download RIM for Windows

Download RIM for Mac


Looking for Repairs or Parts?

If we can't resolve your support issues or if you require batteries, parts, or general repairs, please contact our partnered service site Chaos Technical Services at 778-847-6840 or head over to their website and fill out their handy Request For Service form and let them know the problem!

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