Demo Equipment

The following equipment is available for demo purposes.  If you would like to try a piece of equipment, please contact us to arrange a loan.  Loans require that a valid credit card be provided as a form of security.

Braille displays and Notetakers

Brailliant 40X

Canute Multi-Line Braille Reader

Focus 40 Fifth Generation

QBraille XL

Braillenote Touch 32

Braille Sense 6 Braille Notetaker

Braille Sense 6 Mini Braille Notetaker

Taptillo Braille Training System

Portable Large Print Systems

Compact 10 HD with OCR and Speech

Magnilink Tab - Surface Pro Edition

Connect 12

Pebble HD

Amigo HD

Explore 5

Explore 8

Explore 12

Transformer HD with OCR

Reveal 16i

Magnilink S 1080p with OCR and optional desk clamp

Head Worn Magnification Systems

Jordy with Docking Station 



Desktop Large Print Systems

Davinci Pro

Merlin Elite Pro

Magnilink Vision with OCR

Magnilink One

Desktop Scanners

Magnilink Voice

Head Worn Speech Output 

Orcam MyEye 2 Pro

Augmentative Communication Devices (AAC)

Lightwriter SL50

If you would like to arrange a loan of any other product we represent, please contact us and we will see if we can arrange it.