Learn how to use your Assistive Technology!

A young woman leans over and consults with an elderly woman using a Portable Magnification System.
Whether you are an Assistive Technology user or you support someone who uses AT, proper training and knowledge of your hardware or software can dramatically increase efficiency.

Canadian Assistive Technology can provide full support and training on a wide variety of Assistive Technology equipment and/or software including:

  • CCTVs and Electronic Magnification Systems
  • Braille Notetakers
  • Braille Displays
  • Screen Readers
  • Screen Magnification Software
  • DAISY Book Players
  • Braille Printers
  • Computer Training

Training Rates

On-Site Training
$90.00 per hour

Remote (online) Training
$60.00 per hour

Full Day Training 
$500.00 per day

Call 1-844-795-8324 or email ryan@canasstech.com for more information on the full listing of training currently available.

All training packages with the exception of Remote Training do not include the cost of travel or other expenses.