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Ryan, Rob, and Steve pose with various phones held up to their ears.

Please feel free to contact us by any means if you have any questions about what products might help you, any support issues, inquiries about loan devices, or our training and consultation services.

We are huge Assistive Technology geeks, so we LOVE talking about anything and everything it! Plus, we're lonely -- so come on in and say "hi"! 

By Phone

Toll Free: 1-844-795-8324
Local: 604-367-9480

By email

Steve Barclay (Sales and Admin)
Greg McKinnon (Operations Manager)
Rob Mineault (Sales and Marketing)
Ryan Fleury (Sales and Support) 

Visit our Store and Show Room!

#106 - 828 W 8th Ave | Vancouver, BC

Transit Directions

The easiest way to get to our Assistive Technology Show Room at #106-828 West Eighth Avenue in Vancouver is to catch a Broadway bus to Willow Street.  The bus stops that you will want to get off at are as follows:

Westbound Buses
99 to Alma B-Line

Stop # 50926

Westbound W Broadway @ Willow Street

9 To Alma, Granville, UBC
Stop # 58502

Westbound W Broadway @ Willow Street

Eastbound Buses

99 Commercial-Broadway Station, 99 to Boundary B-Line
Stop # 52099

Eastbound W Broadway @ Heather Street

9 Boundary, 9 Commercial-Broadway Station

Stop # 50873

Eastbound W Broadway @ Willow Street

When leaving the bus, walk in the opposite direction it takes you. We suggest you go down to Eighth Avenue on the east side of Willow Street since the west side has a lot of poles and a busy carpark entrance.

When going North / downhill on Willow there is a lane at about 38 meters / yards. Eighth Avenue is about 40 meters / yards from the lower side of the lane. Turn left at Eighth Avenue and cross Willow Street. There is a lane at about 40 meters yards from the West Side of Willow Street, it is about 8 meters / yards wide.

The parking garage to our building starts at about five meters / yards from the west side of the lane, it is about eight meters wide. There is a door on the other side of the lane near the bike rack, but we ask you not to use it as it just leads to stairs.

A hedge starts on the left at the bike rack and ends at the landing for the front door.  The landing is slightly sloped upward and leads to a double glass door. The left door is locked but the right one is not. It opens toward the street onto a marble landing with a rug in the middle.

You can go straight down the stairs but is better to turn a little to your left and go down the left side of the stairs. The landing and stairs here are at an angle, with handrails on both sides.

Take six steps down. At the foot of the stairs there is a narrow carpet. Its right-hand side ends at about fourteen meters / yards from the elevator. There is a pillar to the left at about eight meters / yards from the carpet. The elevator is about five meters / yards from the pillar, slightly to the right, on the opposite wall.

The elevator buttons are on the wall to the right of the car. They do not have Braille. The buttons inside are to the right of the door and have braille.  Come up to the first floor. We are about eight meters / yards to the right. Our door is across the hall at a slight angle to the right, from the corner of the elevator wall. We are at number 106 and there is a large glass door that opens in or out.

We can't wait to see you!