VisioLight Electronic Magnifier


  • $3,625.00

When your eyesight begins to fail and your glasses are not enough anymore, reading becomes a tremendous challenge. The VisioLight will enable you to read your daily literature again – independently. VisioLight magnifies printed text, pictures,  or objects and displays them enlarged on a modern flat-panel monitor in full colour or in enhanced contrast. Size and presentation can be adjusted to suit your needs. With only 3 buttons, using VisioLight is very easy. VisioLight is an excellent example of “Less is More”.

Less is more

VisioLight is the basic model of the VISIO family of products and one of the lightest and smallest desktop magnifying cameras available on the market. With only 3 buttons it guarantees a particularly easy operation, although it has all properties that you should expect from an outstanding magnifier.

VisioLight has a high-resolution camera that will provide you with a crisp and clear image in all magnification ranges. 

VisioLight also features a wide range of contrasting color options for ease of use: black on white, white on black and yellow on blue. Thanks to the automatic image optimizing function VisioLight always offers an optimal image quality.