Universal Finder One

Universal Finder One

  • $110.00
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A small device connected to your smartphone that allows you to find people, create playground areas, identify places and for the first time, create solutions tailored to your own needs in 3 clicks.


Family Care: You can go tranquil wherever you want with your little child, put a UFO in his pocket, which will beep if he goes too far from you. You can also find valuable objects. Set your UFO to keep safe those you love the most.

Take Control: For the first time you are the protagonist. In addition to the features that UFO offers you, you can generate your own ones, tailored to your specific needs in 3 clicks. 

Play Ground: Easy creation of safe playground areas anywhere, in which you will know your relative position at all time.

Why UFO?

Each person has their own needs and different preferences. To fully address them, they only need the right tools, the rest depends on each of them.

This conviction has led them to create a set of applications, each of which provides several functionalities to your UFO for daily life, sport or leisure.

But they have gone further. UFO is ready to give you answers that only you want. For the first time, create your solutions in 3 clicks, which will adapt the device to your own lifestyle.

Dare to take control!

More information.

It is rechargeable. You will never need to replace the batteries.

In any of its functionalities, you can make your UFO beeps, how and when you want.

Select the UFO perfect settings only once, and enjoy it without limitations.

Change the settings as often as you want.

You can use only one or several UFOs for all features. UFO knows what to do with each application.

You can customize it for your personal use, or for the whole family.

You decide with a click!