Twin SLAT (Switch Latch and Timer)

  • $230.00

Twin SLAT is a two-channel Switch Latch and Timer for low-voltage / battery-operated toys and appliances with multiple modes and programmable timer settings.

Twin SLAT is a highly flexible toy/ battery-power appliance controller for one or two toys, or other low-voltage appliances. It benefits from the following mode settings:.

  • Direct (outputs activate for as long as the switch is pressed)
  • Latched (press the switch once for on and again for off)
  • Timed (selectable time period from 5 seconds to 1 hour)
  • Co-Operative Direct (turns on both outputs for as long as both switches are pressed)
  • Co-Operative Latched (toggles both outputs whenever both switches are pressed)
  • Co-Operative Timed (turns on both outputs for a period between 5 seconds and 1 hour when both switches are pressed)
  • On/Off (Switch 1 turns on both outputs; Switch 2 turns off both outputs)
  • Media Timed (pulses the output at the beginning and end of timer period).

When a timed output is selected, the time period is set using a two-digit LED display, in either seconds or minutes, between 5 seconds and 1 hour. A timed output can be cancelled early by pressing one button.

Co-Operative modes require two users to work together to turn on a toy or appliance. On/Off mode may either be used co-operatively (one user takes charge of ‘on’ and the other ‘off’) or can be used to great effect in separating the on and off tasks for a single user with cognitive impairment.

Media Timed mode is ideal for playing music for a limited period on media players with play/pause function). Some toys also work in a similar way and would benefit from this mode setting.