• $330.00

Track-IT! is designed for users with motor skill difficulties, particularly those who find conventional access impractical. It has a number of programmable options allowing the user to personalise the unit for their particular needs.

In essence, it is a scanning mouse. The direction in which the cursor travels can easily be selected using the ‘clock-face’ LED array on the front of the device. If set to single switch operation, the unit auto-scans around the clock face and then along the four switch settings, then back to the 12 o’clock position, and so on. Once the LED lights for the required operation, the user first presses the switch to stop scanning.

A further press of the switch will then perform that operation, whether it be cursor movement or a switch operation. You can carry out the operation for any length of time but after a period of non-use (Dwell Time), scanning re-commences.

Where the user has the dexterity for two-switch use, scanning is performed manually using one switch and the currently highlighted operation carried out with the other.

The third and fourth sockets can provide separate switch access to left click, right click, double-click or drag where required.

Track-It! is a specialist product and won’t suit all users. Using it requires patience. However, for certain users, it can provide cursor access where all other assistive devices fail and as such it is a valuable product in the assessor’s arsenal.