Taptilo 2.0 Smart Braille Learning Device

Taptilo 2.0 Smart Braille Learning Device

  • $1,820.00

Learning braille has never been easier…or more fun!

Taptilo is a smart braille education device that can transform the way braille is taught in schools and at home. Taptilo includes a hardware device with the latest braille cell technology and an innovative application that can be used seamlessly with the device.

Packed with fun, engaging learning features:

  • Interactive audio and tactile guidance allows learners of all ages to get started within seconds and follow along easily.
  • With self-study mode, students of all ages can enjoy the independence of learning braille without having to ask for help.
  • Includes a basic set of 17+ games and activities, the English alphabet, numbers, and 800+ essential literacy words divided into categories based on reading level.
  • Innovative and engaging design that combines a refreshable braille display to practice reading and removable, magnetic blocks to practice writing.

Easy-to-customize teaching resources & tools

  • Easy to personalize learning material to each student by uploading your own word list.
  • Flexible teaching option, enhanced app-based control and customization.
  • Available in UEB and uncontracted braille. Option to temporary switch word back and forth from uncontracted to UEB to practice at the same time.