Image of a Map Drawing being converted into a tactile Graphic

TactileView Design and Production Software

  • $775.00

With the TactileView software, you can easily create tactile graphics for people who can not see. Blind people can read the graphics by touch and interpret the tactile material. Easy to use tools are available for the design and production of tactile pictures, diagrams and maps.


  • Easy-to-use tactile graphics editor in many languages
  • Fully accessible with the mouse, keyboard or screen reader
  • Wide range of supported braille embossers
  • Create designs for printing on swell paper or on our TactiPad drawing board with the Thinkable motorised drawing arm (MDA).
  • Many drawing tools and image processing filters available for easy editing
  • Thousands of ready-to-use designs can be downloaded from the TactileView catalog
  • Importing images from a wide range of file formats and sources
  • Math module creates graphs of any equation
  • Produces tactile maps of any area on your desired scale with the RouteTactile map maker