Smooth Talker With Levels

Smooth Talker With Levels

  • $325.00

Smooth Talker with Levels has all of the features of the original Smooth Talker, but now with 5 adaptive levels.

The advanced memory management features in the new Smooth Talker with levels allocates memory as it’s used, meaning that you can have a different amount of recording time on each level to meet your exact needs. The only limit is a massive 8 minutes, spread across the five levels. So, for example, you can have four minutes of messages on level 1, and one minute on each of the other levels if you wish, or any other combination that adds up to 8 minutes. Memory allocation takes place automatically with no intervention by the user.

Whereas other manufacturers sell different products to fulfil each particular AAC requirement, Pretorian’s philosophy is to fulfil all your requirements in a single product, saving you time and money.

Perhaps the feature that makes Smooth Talker with Levels so popular is the choice of playback modes. Choose from:

  • Sequential play the messages in sequence, beginning with the first.
  • Random plays a random message and is great as a speaking dice, for example.
  • Random (no repeats). A new mode which randomly plays every message exactly once before starting over. Perfect for choosing who goes next in a group activity nobody gets missed out and nobody gets two goes!
  • Choice requires two switches and is used to allow the user to exercise a choice between two items or concepts. The second switch may be wired or wireless.
  • Choice Progression Choose between multiple pairs of items or concepts, for example choosing menu items.
  • Converse a truly unique feature that has come to define Smooth Talker Smooth Talker with Levels. Requires two switches and allows two users to conduct a two-way conversation without fear that they will get out of sequence.
  • Auditory Prompt. Use the second switch to choose a message by searching through them quickly, and at low volume. Then play back the chosen message using the main switch at normal volume.
  • Question/Answer. Record your messages as Q and A pairs and then this mode allows the question and answer to be repeated multiple times before moving on, to allow reiteration and reinforcement.