Smart Reader with External Keypad (Demo)

Smart Reader with External Keypad (Demo)

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Finally, a Full Page reader that makes reading enjoyable again! Easy-to-use, Smart Reader boasts a lightweight portable sleek design with a user friendly console. Position your document and press a button, in seconds Smart Reader begins reading aloud. Connect Smart Reader to a TV or monitor and enlarge your captured image to follow along as it reads. For a true portable experience, attach Smart Reader to our new 13.3” Portable Battery Operated Monitor and enjoy up to 3.5 hours of reading anywhere! Perfect for work, home, school, vacation and on the go.


  •     Dual Function High Resolution System; Full Page reader only or connect to 13.3” Portable Monitor, TV or desktop monitor & read along
  •     User friendly Control Console with tactile buttons
  •     Capture an image, magnify and read along comfortably in page, line or word format
  •     28 color modes available to optimize contrast and brightness
  •     Book mode for saving multiple pages
  •     Table mode allows you to easily read documents with tables
  •     Audio and visual prompts
  •     Volume and Speed controls
  •     Capture, save and recall modes
  •     Natural sounding male or female voice
  •     Over 20 languages available
  •     Clock with voice prompt on demand
  •     Attach headphone for privacy
  •     Weighs under 5 lbs.

Smart Reader is a Full Page OCR system that is ideal for reading magazines, books, newspapers, recipes and any other printed material. Simply position your document and press a button, in a few seconds Smart Reader begins to read aloud.

Connect Smart Reader to 13.3” Portable Monitor, or any desktop monitor or TV (HDMI & DVI) and view the enlarged image in capture mode. Read along and listen as Smart Reader reads aloud.

A convenient built-in handle and lightweight design allows for easy transport anywhere you go.