Scribe: The Quickest, Most Accurate Digital Document Remediation Product on the Market for as Low as $1.35 per Page

The only hands-off remediation process eliminating individual document quote requests. Providing accessible documents straight from your workflow to the end reader in just seconds.

We have not only automated document remediation, we’ve augmented it.

  • No more wasting time manually uploading batches of individual documents for remediation quotes.
  • No need for individual document remediation quotes … period.
  • Tired of waiting for automated assessments to come back for review?
  • No more guessing whether management will approve those expensive individual remediation requests.
  • Put an end to waiting for the certified human document remediation order to finally be filled.
  • Stop depleting budgets unnecessarily with expensive certified human document remediation.


Scribe is designed to create accessible formatted documents, and start putting them in the hands of print disabled individuals within seconds of clicking your document links…

All the time… every time.

Your accessible documents now are…

100% available, to 100% of print disabled individuals, 100% of the time

With just one simple line of code embedded into your work flow.

If you have legal concerns about keeping your end user from the information they need when they click the document link on your publicly facing platform.

Scribe is your answer.

Scribe is the only automated document remediation product on the market with our Augmented Document Remediation (ADR) technology. Making documents accessible almost immediately, straight from your network to the end reader in seconds… for pennies per page.

We’re serious about saving you time, budgets, and workload.

Does your organization have…

  • A print disabled employee on staff who needs access to information at their desktop?
  • A need to provide accessible documents to print disabled individuals on your public facing platform?
  • A need to provide document accessibility under secure restricted situation’s residing on your local network?

Scribe’s got you covered!

Scribe, with its Augmented Document Remediation (ADR) technology, takes digital document remediation to the next level.

  • Accurate and reliable built-in PDF tagging.
  • Smart automated alt tagging for graphics.
  • Document profile creation for even speedier output.
  • Processes documents into eight different accessible formats – including Braille, large print, and audio.
  • Using deep learning eliminates the need for certified human document remediation in most cases.

Document Remediation for Pennies Per Page

Scribe has gone beyond just automating document remediation, we’ve augmented it. That allows us to offer the results your end user needs for far less cost than certified human document remediation.  

We empower you to provide your print disabled employees, or visitors to your publicly facing platform, with eight different accessible document formats for approximately $1.35 a page

Instead of $15, $17, or more per page for certified human document remediation.

Depending on the Scribe option you choose, per page cost could be even less.

Have you thought of this question?

Not every single document requires human remediation for print individuals to get the information they need, when they need it…

So why should the higher priced and labor-intensive human remediation be the only solution?

It is an industry fact, there aren’t near enough certified human document remediators to process the billions of inaccessible documents out there.

When you use Scribe, you’re helping eliminate the extensive backlog of documents which actually require certified human document remediation.

All while giving print disabled individuals almost instant access to needed information.

Truly a win-win.

We understand, “some documents” require investing expensive time and labor into certified human document remediation.

For that, we also have a fiscally responsible solution.

With Scribe’s ADR technology providing a highly accessible starting point, our certified document remediation offering will provide you certified human remediated documents for less than $10 per page…

An incredible savings compared to many other options.

Either way, Scribe makes document accessibility simple, less expensive, and fast.

Ready to give Scribe a try?

Give us a call at 1-844-795-8324 or send us an e-mail to and get your FREE trial started today. You could be up and running in just minutes.

Need more information on Scribe?

Scribe is a powerful tool converting printable documents like…

  • Credit card statements, bank statements, account summaries.
  • Financial reports, investment summaries, invoices.
  • Real estate agreements, property descriptions, property tax statements.
  • Student handouts, syllabuses, manuals.
  • Medical reports, medical statements, Insurance claim summaries.
  • Law enforcement announcements, legal documents, government forms, and more…

Scribe presents your documents in eight different accessible formats.

With a simple web browser, print disabled individuals can download eight beautifully formatted documents: HTML, Tagged PDF, EPUB, DAISY, RTF, Braille, large print, and audio.

They can begin reading time sensitive information Scribe delivers, in just seconds, using the adaptive technology they already use every day.

Devices like screen readers, screen and text magnification software, Braille displays, and other devices.

Scribe is easy and quick to set up.

Add a line of HTML code to your current public website or private intranet network, and you’re done.

Even if you install Scribe software on your network for on premises conversions, it’s simple to install in minutes.

Once Scribe is set up, simply forget it’s there.

When a print disabled person needs a document from your website in an accessible format, they simply click the Scribe link on your website.

They get the information they need in the background, without interrupting anyone in your department.

Scribe is secure.

Pneuma Solutions uses the highest end-to-end encryption available today. We use the same security encryption many banks, medical institutions, and government organizations use.

Rest easy knowing Scribe is securely processing your documents.

Scribe comes in three different options.

Scribe is available in:

  1. Scribe Cloud Addition.
  2. Scribe On-Premises Addition.
  3. Scribe Full Library Conversion.

Each of our three options are designed to solve very different needs.

You may want the Scribe Cloud Addition. It’s our ultimate “set it and forget it” option. You’ll be able to dynamically provide accessible documents on-demand in real-time, anytime.

Scribe Cloud Addition is an unlimited use option, the more it is used to convert documents, the less each conversion costs.

We were talking only pennies per page before. But, since Scribe Cloud Addition gives you unlimited use, it gets even more budget friendlier the more print disabled people use it.

If privacy is a requirement due to HIPAA regulations. Our Scribe On-Premises Addition takes care of privacy needs. Lock Scribe behind your firewall, supply your network with enough scans to get the job done, and provide your documents privately and securely.

Want your entire library of public documents converted in one pass? Then Scribe Full Library Conversion is what you’re looking for.

You’ll get one copy of all eight accessible document formats per source document.

Scribe Full Library Conversion allows for all eight accessible document formats just like the other two options, but they’ll now reside on your network and are searchable anytime.

Plus, each of the three Scribe options has their own versatile configurations to customize Scribe to your needs.

Benefits of using Scribe

  • Easy to use. Click the Scribe Documents pop up almost instantly, ready for downloading.
  • Quick installation. Easy installation lets you start Scribing your documents in minutes.
  • Extremely fast. Processes thousands of source documents in a few hours.
  • Converts 18 different types of source documents.
  • Produces 8 beautifully accessible document formats.
  • Produces documents readable with adaptive technology print disabled people use every day.
  • Machine learning intelligence creates the best formatted digitally remediated document available in minutes.
  • Converts documents in the background, while you go about your day.
  • Budget friendly. Provides accessible information for pennies a page.
  • Fiscally smart. Conversion cost reduces the more you use it (Scribe Cloud Addition only).
  • Inclusive friendly. The Scribe link lets you proudly display your organization’s willingness to be inclusive to those with different needs.
  • Decreases remediation requests. You’ll rarely encounter them anymore.
  • Remediation friendly. Saves time and money-making great remediation source files when they truly are needed.

Scribe makes good business sense.

Since Scribe provides your print disabled employees or web visitors with almost instant access to your documents, it all but eliminates risk of litigation, giving you peace of mind.

It’s really not a difficult decision.

Additional discounts available.

On top of our budget friendly pricing, we offer multiple domain discounts.

We also offer case-by-case rates to help not-for-profit organizations.

We’d love to have a discussion about what your needs are and which Scribe option fits you best.

That way, we can ensure you get the best possible pricing available.

No pressure. No obligation.