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Remote Incident Manager - Cloud Edition

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RIM Cloud Edition

Developed by Pneuma Solutions, RIM provides a seamless bridge between assistive technology and mission critical applications.  The Remote Incident Manager (RIM) has provided secure, efficient, accessible, feature-rich remote desktop access, enabling field technical support providers to cut costs while improving quality of service since 2007.

Harness the flexibility of our remote tools to communicate across personal and enterprise networks.

Remote Incident Manager Cloud Edition

For field technical support, Remote Incident Manager Cloud Edition allows a technician to take complete control of a distant computer, over a local network or the Internet, and puts the technician in the same Windows session as the user. With full duplex voice communication, stereo audio, and under 99MS latency connections you can use the remote computer as if you were right in front of it. Both users can work in the same applications and documents at the same time, exchange text, and exchange files through the Windows clipboard. Technical or training issues are resolved real-time or a Controller can be given unattended access so computer maintenance can be done when the computer is not in use such as over nights.

This technology has a wide range of uses; some of the most common uses are:

  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Training and distance learning
  • System administration

Read our article about RIM on the Pneuma Solutions blog or download the printable .PDF version of the article here.

What Customers Say

“The interface on both the Technician and Client side for connecting is very accessible and straightforward. I am glad to read that you will be giving clients the ability to begin the connection process via a key word as this will make it far easier for a number of our customers which is the primary purpose of us using RIM.The audio from music and other sounds emanating from the client machine is of a very good standard indeed given it is a remote connection. The responsiveness even with JAWS running is absolutely incredible. I was able to get around the remote machine at a fair lick, and it really is excellent.” – Brian Hartgen: Hartgen Consultancy

“The key strokes and speech feedback feels local to me. I can’t tell which machine I am working on. It is just that fast here.” – Richard Wells

“I want to let you know how much the Remote Incident Manager is helping me. As you know, I work with a number of veterans who must use speech input as they are physically unable to use a keyboard. When one of these veterans has a problem with his or her computer it is impossible for me to talk him through the steps to fix whatever the problem is. Most often, the problem is concerned with the speech input part of the computer and as these folks are unable to use a keyboard they’re pretty well dead in the water if their speech input is not working. To date I’ve unraveled three different veteran’s computers using RIM. If I had been unable to remotely use their computers it would have taken days, if not weeks, to track down and employ a computer person in each of their home towns to do what it took me no more than twenty minutes to accomplish. This is good for the veterans and it’s good for me. Thanks for putting such an easy to use and incredibly useful tool out there.” – Sue W. Martin

Remote Incident Manager (RIM) Cloud Edition Pricing

Prices Valid as of July, 2022.

Remote Incident Manager (RIM) is a fully accessible remote desktop product for technical support, training, or simply helping friends and family with their computers. Download Remote Incident Manager (RIM) here:

Personal Consumer Subscription Options:

RIM 1 to 1

Includes 1 Controller and one Target.

$12.95 per month, $129 per year. Target machine changes are limited to three changes per year per Target.

RIM 1 to 3

Includes 1 Controller and three Targets. Target machine changes are limited to three changes per year per Target.

$33 per month, $325 per year.


The RIM Pro package is for a single technician with many different customers. Includes one Controller and Unlimited Targets.

$129 per month, $1299 per year.

For an additional $1,300 per year, the RIM Pro Enterprise Add-on brings the power of RIM Enterprise to individual technology professionals and small teams. This add-on includes the following features:

  • Unattended access to Windows servers
  • Completely silent mode for pre-configured unattended target installers
  • Target groups to make it easy to manage large numbers of target machines
  • Access control for each target group
  • Optional integration with your organization's single-sign-on (SSO) system (requires an additional $1,300 setup fee)

RIM Enterprise Public Cloud Edition:

The Enterprise Edition includes unlimited Controllers and Unlimited Targets for use within an organization. Pricing is based on the maximum number of simultaneous channels for the account.

  • 5 channels: $6500 per year
  • 10 channels: $9750 per year
  • 15 channels: $12995 per year
  • 25 channels: $19500 per year

Setup and onboarding: $1,300

RIM Enterprise integrates seamlessly with your single sign-on (SSO) system, so authorized personnel in your organization can access RIM quickly and securely. We support SAML, the industry standard for single sign-on, either via the InCommon federation or using bilateral metadata exchange. Our SAML service provider uses the open-source Shibboleth SP package and was implemented in partnership with Signet, Inc., an identity management and access control firm founded by an architect of Shibboleth. Note that we support SSO through a variety of identity providers; in addition to Shibboleth IdP, we’ve tested with Azure Active Directory. When your organization signs up with RIM for Enterprise, we’ll work with your IT staff to complete the SSO onboarding process.

NOTE: Private cloud and on-premises pricing is available upon request.

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Download Remote Incident Manager (RIM) here: