ReadEasy Evolve MAX

  • $3,240.00

This stand-alone reading machine is the fastest and most accurate on the market!

ReadEasy Evolve is a portable machine that reads to you. It translates any printed text into crystal clear speech within seconds. Newspapers, Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging, and more, are all read with ease. It’s the stand-alone reading machine that can read documents at large as 11″x17″ in size such as an open textbook!

ReadEasy Evolve is for anyone who needs quick, easy and accurate access to printed material. Listen to text a press of a single button!

The ReadEasy Evolve has been specifically designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. With its intuitive control system comprising just 6 buttons, it is ideal for users of all ages.

Offering both magnification & text-to-speech; evolves with you as your eyesight changes

  • Scan and read documents up to 11″x17″ in size
  • Uses NEW 18MP camera for superior image quality
  • 1-Button press for quick and accurate reading of text
  • No waiting needed as reading starts in as little as 3 seconds
  • Lightweight and compact for ultimate portability
  • IntelliCapture –Prevents capture when a document is being moved
  • Latest camera and recognition technology for accurate text – even with small font sizes!
  • Glossy, complicated, and curved objects are accurately captured
  • Supports multiple languages, including Spanish
  • Add Optional Feature Pack for increased functionality
    • Connects to a monitor to see words highlighted during reading
    • Compatible with touchscreen monitors for simple navigation
    • Allows you to export scanned documents to your PC for later use

Who is the ReadEasy Evolve for?

With the push of a single button the ReadEasy Evolve photographs printed text & within seconds, begins reading it out loud.

It is ideal for both partially sighted & blind people of all ages & abilities. It offers the ability to magnify & enhance reading material in a variety of viewing modes while simultaneously reading it aloud (with the Feature Pack).

Perfect for reading books, newspapers, magazines, post, bank statements, food packaging, medicines, tins & much more.

Easy to Use

The ReadEasy Evolve has built-in tactile controls, comprising just 6 buttons. It is incredibly simple & intuitive to use for people of all ages & abilities.

Have documents in thick books or odd shapes? There’s no need to smash the spine on thick books. ReadEasy Evolve adjusts its focus to pick up text perfectly even on curved and odd surfaces like thick books, food containers and cans/bottles.

ReadEasy Evolve will automatically detect and read different languages. It even permits users to read mixed language documents, switching automatically between languages, sentence by sentence.

Scan in an entire book, just by turning the pages. ReadEasy Evolve will even correct the orientation of images to make sure text is always facing up, regardless of how the document is oriented under the camera.

ReadEasy Evolve uses the latest camera and recognition technology to ensure it is as accurate as possible, even on complicated newspaper layouts or items such as tin cans and medicine bottles.

Unique Features

ReadClear Technology ensures accurate text recognition. It stops text being captured when a document is moving / being positioned.

PowerRead (with Feature Pack) feature for avid readers enables immediate reading of multiple pages. Listen to & navigate the first page immediately while the remaining pages can be captured automatically in the background.

ReadHere (with Feature Pack) feature for low vision users; only read the parts of a document that are of interest. Click or press on your chosen word in Live Mode to capture the text & start reading from that word. This eliminates the text always being read to you from the beginning, saving time & frustration.