ReadDesk OCR Camera

ReadDesk OCR Camera

  • $995.00

ReadDesk a simple scanning, reading and magnifying device with all the features needed to make reading easy. It has instant text to speech capabilities.

At less than 1.5 lb, ReadDesk is easy to carry and folds into a laptop bag. One of the smallest, most affordable OCR products in the market ReadDesk makes daily reading a joy. ReadDesk converts your printed characters into digital text and is up to 99% accurate. This allows you to listen to your printed text easily. All documents can be saved as TXT files for use in applications like Notepad, Word etc.

Scan, read, magnify, save and listen to any printed material in a natural sounding voice. View magnified text with crystal clear font. ReadDesk can also convert scanned text into a PDF and MP3 files for later use. Saving documents in MP3 format makes it easy to access your printed material on the go. Listen to your book when you travel or review your documents while cooking.

ReadDesk version plays to your strengths – listening rather than reading.

  • 5 MP Camera
  • Integrated LED Light
  • Full Page Accurate OCR
  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Natural Sounding Voices
  • USB Powered
  • Save/Load Images
  • Digitally rendered text
  • Multiple Languages