Magnilink Zip Premium Low Vision Magnifier

Magnilink Zip Premium

  • $4,625.00

The MagniLink Zip desktop video magnifier is at the forefront of modern technology and a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.  It was developed to be easy to use, light in weight, and with small dimensions when folded down.  LVI products are built in a modular style which means there are many models to choose from in order to fit the requirements of each user. This model is equipped with a Full Hi-Definition monitor and reading / distance camera and Text-to-Speech technology. 

Uncompromising true-color image quality is ever present and the system is intuitive and user friendly. The control panel was designed according to the highest technology standards and with client feedback in mind.  It’s easy to find, learn, and maneuver - for example, the function knobs rotate and are simple to handle, easily seen, and there is an advance mode for advanced users. The TTS Text To Speech (available for both PC and Mac) makes it possible to listen to printed text.

The 13.3 or 17 inch monitor has brightly colored screen edges, an anti-glare surface, provides crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast images, and a dimmer mode for light-sensitive users. The screen can be adjusted by tilting it forward, backward, and for height and produces images in Full Hi-Definition (1080p).  This is the most portable model with a low-vision adapted screen and an Full Hi-Definition reading/distance camera that rotates both vertically and horizontally. 

To ensure easy portability, the X/Y table has been excluded thereby making the video magnifier effortless to carry to different locations, as well as easy to fold and unfold.  Its weight is less than 9 pounds and a protective, soft-shelled, zippered carrying case is included.

For convenience, a battery with a running time of 5 to 9 hours is included. The amount of run time depends on the light intensity chosen for the screen and lamp.

The MagniLink Zip 13 Full HD is an ideal choice for users who need to transport a magnifying system on a regular basis to school or work.  It's also suitable for users that want a sleek system at home - one that can be folded down and put away easily when not in use.

Options Available:
LVI-MLZ-HD13  -  720p 13" Integrated Monitor
LVI-MLZ-HD17  -  720p 17" Integrated Monitor
LVI-MLZ-FHD13  -  1080p 13" Integrated Monitor
LVI-MLZ-FHD13  -  1080p 17" Integrated Monitor
Additional Options:
A  -  Integrate X/Y table with friction brakes
B  -  Battery
C  -  USB/HDMI-connection
D  -  Software for PC/Mac for computer connection including HDMI/USB
E  -  TTS-Software for PC including HDMI/USB+language (ENG +1)
F  -  TTS-Software for Mac including HDMI/USB +language (ENG +1)
MLRT-XY  -  X/Y Table not integrated

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