Magnilink TAB Electronic Magnifier

Magnilink TAB 2

  • $5,115.00

MagniLink TAB 2 is a version based on a Microsoft Surface Pro 8. The mounting plate in the MagniLink TAB 2 has been updated and the external camera has a USB-C connector to fit the latest generation of Microsoft tablets. The original Magnilink Tab with the Surface 7 Tablet is also still available while supplies last.

Two images of MagniLink TAB 2, one close up of the USB-C connector and one of the whole unit with the camera in distance mode.


Three configurations are available!

The MagniLink TAB and TAB 2 are each available in three configurations. They all include the stand, external camera and software with Text-to-Speech (TTS). What sets the configurations apart is the following:

  • The first configuration (MLTAB and MLTAB-2) includes a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet with i5 processor and 8 GB RAM.
  • The second configuration (MLTAB-P and MLTAB-2-P) includes a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet with i7 processor and 16 GB RAM.
  • The third configuration (MLTAB-SCS and MLTAB-2-SCS) does not include any tablet but an activation license for a tablet. Each individual is able to purchase a suitable Microsoft Surface Pro that meets the specific product requirements. The MagniLink TAB-SCS stand is created for Microsoft Surface Pro models 4, 5, 6 and 7. The MLTAB-2-SCS fits Microsoft Surface Pro 8.


Technical specifications

    MagniLink TAB MagniLink TAB 2
 Model:   Microsoft Surface Pro 7 or older      MagniLink Surface Pro 8     
 Screen size: 12,3" 13"
 Resolution: 2736 x 1924 2880x1920
 Dimensions folded:             14.4x11.8x1.2 in (WxDxH)
 Dimensions unfolded: 9x12.2x13.8 in (WxDxH)
 Weight: 6.4 lbs 6.6 lbs
 Magnification: 0.8-40x (height 13 in)
 Frame rate: 60 HZ
 Length: Camera and arm 24.4 in
 Weight: 1.6 lbs