Magnilink S Premium

Magnilink S Premium

  • $5,125.00

The MagniLink S Premium is a portable video magnifier that provides superior picture quality with no ghosting. It combines the latest technology for ease-of-use, fast connection speed to a computer or directly to a monitor. Plus, it can even read text out loud!

It offers award winning design (reddot award), modern technology and smart features. It’s easy to carry, for example, between home and school or a workplace – and can be connected to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or a monitor. Thus, you can choose the features and options that fit your needs. 

The HD/FHD camera provides unbeatable sharpness, light sensitivity and viewing angle, and offers 60 digital full frames/second for an image that is extraordinarily clear – even when in motion.  It provides between 1.1x-75x magnification and has 6 different viewing modes.  

There is a free working height of 12.2” (31 cm) that makes it easy to browse through a book, binder or folder.  In addition, the high placement of the camera, together with the camera’s wide viewing angle of 54°, make it perfect for students in the classroom or for meeting rooms in the workplace. The flexible camera head and arm rotation of 330° horizontal and 300° vertical provide easy and quick switching between distance and close-up reading tasks, as well as mirror mode!  

The MagniLink S Premium is powered by a laptop computer through its 3.0 USB port so there is no added weight from a battery.  The system is controlled via the buttons on the base or via keyboard shortcuts.  And, with its optional OCR capability, displayed text can be viewed and heard for maximized reading speed and comfort.  

The MagniLink S Premium comes complete with a smart 2-in-1 carrying case that has room for both the MagniLink S Premium, a 15.4” laptop, and its accessories.  And, due to its adaptable modular design, there are 6 different MagniLink S models to choose from depending on the type of camera, connections and features that are needed.

Options Available:
(TTS-PC)*  -  TTS-software for PC/Windows. 
TTS-MAC)*  -  TTS-software for Mac/Mac OS. 
(MLS-A101)*  -  MagniLink S docking station with A3 X/Y table. DVI. 
(MLS-A101SPLIT)*  -  MagniLink S docking station with A3 X/Y table. HDMI. 
(MLS-A101CLAMP)*  -  MagniLink S docking station with table clamp. DVI. 
(MLV-A111A)*  -  MagniLink Vision hardware split kit (split box, external control panel, cables) 
(MLV-A112)*  -  MLV distance camera SD (split box, external control panel, cables) 
(MLV-A113)*  -  MLV distance camera HD (split box, external control panel, cables) 
MLV-A110A  -  External control panel, large (ordered separately).
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