Lime Lighter Presto

  • $5,170.00

Lime Lighter Presto (for singers, wind, and string players)

  • Touch screen Windows computer with wide aspect viewing ratio
    • Form Factor: All-in-One, Multi-Touch screen, flat-panel PC
    • Video: 23-inch diagonal (1920 x 1080)
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Manhasset music stand to support Lime Lighter screen (similar to their large, double-shafted conductor's model)
    • Base Dimensions: 507mm / 20.25" x 432mm / 17"
    • Weight: 21 lbs
    • Height (top of computer on stand): Min: 44.5", Max: 65.0"
    • Tilt: Ranging from 5 degrees up (almost perpendicular to floor) to facing up (parallel to floor)
  • Stylus attached to music stand for marking screen
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Lime software with custom music magnification and mark up features
  • SharpEye Music Reader: music OCR software for scanning scores to be read with The Lime Lighter
  • Dancing Dots will install and configure all software, including any screen reader or third-party magnification programs, before shipping unit to you.