Lime Lighter Leggiero

  • $4,475.00

The Leggiero model of Lime Lighter is the most portable music-reading solution for low vision performers yet. It has an 18.4-inch wide touch screen, weighs just 5 pounds, and is one-inch thick. It runs on A. C. power or for up to 4 hours on an internal, rechargeable battery.

  • 5-pound, 18.4-inch All-in-one Touch screen Windows computer
    • Runs on AC power or for up to 5 hours on internal, rechargeable battery.
    • Form Factor: All-in-One, Multi-Touch screen, flat-panel PC
    • Video: 18.4-inch
    • Full HD touch display
    • Weight: 5 lbs
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse
    • About one-inch thick with supporting legs retracted. Mounts easily on conventional music stand or keyboard rack.
    • With legs extended, sits on tabletop.
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Lime software with custom music magnification and mark up features
  • SharpEye Music Reader: music OCR software for scanning scores to be read with The Lime Lighter
  • Dancing Dots will install and configure all software, including any screen reader or third-party magnification programs, before shipping the unit to you.