IR Keyboard and Mouse

  • $205.00

IR Keyboard & Mouse is an accessory to AAC devices, allowing the user to make use of their AAC device to navigate and type on another computer. For example, if a user needs ad hoc use of a computer in an office or school setting which is not part of their own AT configuration, IR Keyboard & Mouse can simply be plugged into the target computer and the user may control the computer wirelessly from their AAC device.


  • Full keyboard and mouse functionality
  • Allows ad hoc use of other computers from your AAC device
  • Four User numbers to prevent interference.

IR Keyboard & Mouse makes use of the infra-red output that is available on most AAC devices and should be used together with the associated Gridsets/ Pagesets that may be downloaded below. If a limited number of keystrokes and/or mouse functions are required (for example to allow access to a particular piece of software), a new Gridset/ Pageset may be created and the required controls copied and pasted into it, perhaps making them larger to aid eye-gazing. 

IR Keyboard & Mouse for Grid 3 on Gridpad

IR Keyboard & Mouse for Grid 3 on I-Series