• $265.00

At last! Now it's possible to control toys and other battery operated appliances from your iPad without expensive room installations.

The innovative iControl allows you to turn battery toys and other powered appliances on and off wirelessly using a free of charge app on your iPad using the iClick app, available from the App Store.

Simply plug your favourite toy or other small, battery-operated appliance into iControl and control it from your iPad in the following innovative ways:

  • Direct- Toy/appliance is powered for as long as the user touches the switch on the iPad screen - a great way to teach cause and effect.
  • Latching- Touch once for on and again for off.
  • Timed- One touch turns the toy on for a period determined within the app, from as little as 1 second up to 250 minutes.
  • Cooperation- Requires two users each to touch a switch for the toy to turn on- great for teaching social skills and cooperative play.
  • On/Off- One switch turns on the toy and the other turns it off.
  • iControl has two 3.5mm socket to allow the toy or other appliances to be connected.

The app has many features to make the learning environment fun and effective. For example, choose the colour of each switch or optionally replace the switch with a photograph taken using iPad's built in camera or chosen from the device’s existing photo gallery. The app can also be scanned using iOS Switch Control by users who can’t use the touch screen.


  • Seven control modes selected from the iClick app. Four modes provide independent switch operation; three give cooperative control.
  • iClick app available free of charge from App Store.
  • Interference free operation at up to 20 metres (60’) distance.