HumanWare Victor Reader Stream 3 Fitted Leather Case with straps by Turtleback

  • $165.00

Introducing the VRS-3 case, a creation by Turtleback. This soft form-fitted custom leather case is specifically designed for the VRS-3. Crafted with high-grade bonded leather, it provides a snug and secure fit around your unit. The case features a convenient storage zipper compartment dedicated to accommodating your earbuds. Its thoughtful design enables users to easily utilize their VRS-3 while the case remains attached to the unit, allowing for seamless usage. You have the option to carry the unit using a comfortable strap or by clipping it onto your belt for added convenience. Whether you're walking, sitting, or standing, the VRS-3 remains accessible. The case provides effortless access to the headset jack, USB port, and SD flash memory cards, ensuring ease of use. Manufactured with top-quality bonded leather, the case offers reliable and durable outer protection. Additionally, the case comes with a leather-covered belt clip located on the back of the unit, providing added functionality and convenience. Experience the combination of functionality, durability, and style with the VRS-3 case, brought to you by Turtleback.