HIMS BrailleSense 6 Fitted Leather Case with straps by Turtleback

  • $225.00

Introducing the brand-new custom fitted case for the HIMS BrailleSense 6 - designed to securely hold your unit in place. This bonded leather case enables BrailleSense 6 users to effortlessly utilize their note taker while the case remains on the unit. It also offers the convenience of a comfortable strap for easy carrying. The face of the unit is protected by a zipper pocket made of neoprene, featuring magnet closures for hassle-free opening and closing. The zipper pocket is designed to accommodate your cell phone securely. If needed, the pocket cover can be flipped to the rear and safely secured under the unit, allowing users to utilize the note taker while on the move. Additionally, the spacious zipper pocket is perfect for storing earbuds and other items, providing both security and protection. The case is equipped with durable black plastic hooks that enhance security, durability, and safety. Turtleback proudly continues its tradition of creating functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing fitted cases, all made in USA