GoodFeel Braille Music Translator

GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator - Standard Package

  • $2,260.00

Are you a blind singer or instrumentalist who needs to have braille scores quickly? Do you want to print your musical ideas out in standard staff notation for sighted people to read? Are you an educator or rehabilitation professional serving blind musicians who has no time to learn to be a braille music transcriber? GOODFEEL® can help you. GOODFEEL® automatically converts computer files of print scores to the equivalent braille music. These are the same files used to print the score for sighted players to read. To prepare and transcribe these files with the GOODFEEL® suite, you do not need to know how to read braille music. However, you should know how to read print music notation and how to use a Windows PC.


  • Quickly transcribe to braille from Finale, Sibelius and other popular music notation software used by band, orchestra and choir directors via MusicXML notation interchange format
  • Synchronized scrolling of print and braille notation for current musical measure
  • Ships with Lime 9.05 which simplifies entering of text annotations and has an improved MusicXML import/export feature.
  • Blind musicians can now read and write musical scores with the Lime notation editor that ships with GOODFEEL® via the improved Lime Aloud JAWS-based access features. Lime Aloud is a Whole New Way for the Blind to Read and Write Music. Note: JAWS 6.2 through 16 required. Anyone authorized for JAWS 17 or later can install any earlier version of JAWS without additional cost or authorization. Available in English, Spanish (Español) and German (Deutsch). Support for other languages coming soon.
  • Blind musicians can easily create print and equivalent braille transcriptions for collaboration with sighted or blind teachers, colleagues or students.
  • Friendly user interface to permit customization of braille music output