Gewa Maxi Remote Control

Gewa Maxi Remote Control

  • $280.00

GEWA Maxi is a big, robust and easy-to-use remote control, which helps you to manage the equipment in your house. You can control your TV, sound system and lights, as well as open and close windows and doors.

GEWA Maxi has 16 big buttons that only require a little bit of pressure. The buttons are lowered to facilitate that you hit the right button if you have tactile or motor-skill impairment. 

Confirmation in the form of sound, light and vibration provides feedback that you have pressed a button. The buttons are adapted using supportive pictures that clearly symbolize what the button controls.

If your hands shake, e.g. due to tremors, there is a possibility for activation delay. This means that a button must continue to be pressed for a selected amount of time before the choice is activated.

GEWA Maxi allows you to be more independent. You can make your own decisions, and not rely on help from family members or other carers.