Image of Gemini Super Brailler Embosser

Gemini Super Brailler Embosser

  • $12,015.00

The Gemini Super… Now Quieter and Faster Than Ever Before

Braille and Ink Print Together on the Same Side

Gemini Super is the inkjet version of the previous Gemini printer. It builds on the reliability and engineering of the well-known Gemini printer. Inkjet printing is quieter and faster than dot matrix printing. State of the art performance makes the Gemini Super compatible in all environments.

Print Braille and Ink Simultaneously on the Same Page

Gemini Super can print Braille and ink simultaneously on parallel lines on the same page. Just flip the paper and you can easily print on both sides of the page.

Print Enlarged Ink Characters

The Gemini Super can print ink characters at twice the normal size. It is possible to change the font and the position of the print character both above and under the line of Braille.

Print Braille and Ink with Minimum Noise

The noise level has been greatly reduced by using Nippon Telesoft’s high-tech printing method which actually pushes the embossing pins into the paper instead of striking the paper. This method also allows an entire line of Braille to be embossed at the same time.



  • Simultaneously print: Braille and ink
  • Double sided print: Braille and ink (Need to flip the paper)
  • Interline Braille/ink print

Types of Characters

  • Alphabet, numerals, symbols (Braille and Ink)

Number of Characters

  • 32 cells per line (Braille)

Lines Per Page

  • Maximum 24 lines in 6 dot Braille (both Braille and Ink)
  • 20 lines maximum in double sided printing


  • Continuous tractor feed paper
  • 8.5” x 11”

Printing Speed

  • 36 characters per second (Braille)
  • 90 characters per second (Ink)

Print Buffer

  • 32KByte


  • USB / RS-232C / Centronics / Network

Sound Level

  • 55dB(A) (Sound level may vary with ambient conditions)

Power Supply and Power Consumption

  • 100-120/200-240V 50/60Hz/130VA


  • 18.5(W) x 16.5(D) x 12.6 (H) inches

Net Weight

  • 54 lbs.