Game On 1 Accessibility Game Controller

Game On 1

  • $625.00

Game On with Pretorian Technologies® is a new and unique assistive gaming product which allows users of eye-gaze enabled AAC devices and computers to achieve full control of computer games using only their eyes. Equally, users who rely on switch or joystick scanning may also achieve full control of their games.

Game On may be used to play games either on a standard PC or on an Xbox via an Xbox Adaptive Controller. The user’s AAC device, such as Smartbox Gridpad, Tobii Dynavox I-series, PRC Accent or a standard computer*, displays a special gaming page set with a similar layout to a standard game controller handset.

Simply gaze at any of the grid cells (or scan and select them using your switches/ joystick) and the corresponding game controller action is sent to the game console/ gaming computer to successfully play the game. Every one of the controls on a standard game controller is reproduced in the page set, including both momentary and timed thumbstick movements and single, double, and timed presses of all buttons, bumpers and triggers. A Rapid-Fire option is also included for all buttons and triggers.

To get started, all you need is an existing AAC device, or a PC equipped with IR output* running AAC software such as Grid 3, Communicator 5 or NuVoice, together with your Xbox/Xbox Adaptive Controller combination and a Game On unit. See Figure 1 for a typical configuration.