Image of the Eye-Pal SOLO Scanning and Reading Machine

Eye-Pal SOLO

  • $2,595.00

Eye-Pal SOLO - the world's first reading appliance

We call it SOLO because it will read for you on it's own - no other equipments or additional lights are needed, no buttons to push, no manuals to read.

If you can use any other appliance, you ready to use Eye-Pal Solo. Reading with Eye-Pal SOLO is as easy as making a cup of coffee with a coffeemaker - turn it on and enjoy!

Eye-Pal Solo comes ready to use right out of the box.

Eye-Pal SOLO is self-contained motion activated reading device that instantly reads from any book or printed material.

Just plug it in, place down a book or newspaper and it reads to you! If it is not the page you wanted to read, remove it. Reading will stop immediately. When we say "immediately" we mean a fraction of a second.

If the phone or doorbell rings, wave you hand near the reading material and it will pause, pass your hand again and it resumes. Can reading be easier than this?

Want to read text on a monitor along with the Eye-Pal SOLO? Simply connect the monitor and magnified text will be automatically displayed for you, the spoken words are highlighted.

Need more that just reading? Our custom keypad allows saving and restoring pages, reading by word or by sentence, changing voices, customizing how text looks on the monitor, and a lot more.