Energise Controller

  • $365.00

The SimplyWorks Energise is a feature rich mains appliance controller allowing switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with wired or wireless switches, or a combination of both.

If you use wireless switches to operate appliances via Energise or iClick, this gives the maximum possible safety since there is no physical connection between the switch and the appliance. Makes completing your risk assessments very easy!

The unit has an operating range of 10 metres (when used with wireless switches) and features the following modes:

  • Direct (sockets activate for as long as the switch is pressed)
  • Latched (press the switch once for on and again for off)
  • Timed Seconds
  • Timed Minutes
  • Co-Operative
  • On/Off

When a timed output is selected, the time period is set using a string of LEDs. A timed output can be cancelled early by pressing either the Pair 1 or Pair 2 button.

Co-Operative mode requires two users to work together to turn on one or more appliances. On/Off mode may either be used co-operatively (one user takes charge of ‘on’ and the other ‘off’) or can be used to great effect in separating the on and off tasks for a single user with cognitive impairment.

Energise is available in three variants- UK sockets, EU (Schuko) sockets and also US sockets. All three variants are approved as medical devices and the US variant is also ETL Listed.