eClipseReader EyeNet

  • $120.00

eClipseReader- EyeNet version 4.2 is the most advanced DAISY Digital Talking Book player and Text document reader, offering support for over 30 formats of accessible media.  In addition to reading Daisy books and text files, eClipseReader-EyeNet includes a built-in Web Browser used to access Daisy books online with a single click of a web link. 

eClipseReader incorporates powerful study tools that enables students to bookmark and take notes that can be reviewed in eClipseReader's powerful text document reader as an outline study guide that is automatically generated in the study process.  The Study Outline may be exported to MS Notepad as a text file, for use with other applications such as MS Word, and Braille Translators. 

eClipseReaders unique user interface can be customized for both blind users preferring a keyboard interface and an simple graphic interface for sighted.