Dolphin Screen Reading Software

Dolphin Screen Reader

  • $1,415.00

Screen reader & braille access for blind people

  • Speech and Braille access put you in complete control of your computer
  • Natural-sounding voices intelligently reads documents, emails, web pages and other apps in detail
  • Reliably speaks characters and words as you type, increasing confidence and accuracy
  • Discover what’s on screen using your keyboard with the Dolphin Cursor and Item Finder.
  • Refreshable Braille accurately displays spelling, punctuation and layout
  • Scan and read (OCR) your paper documents or inaccessible PDFs
  • Supports Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, tablet, laptop and desktop computers

Screen Reader Features

Human Sounding Speech
ScreenReader features the high quality, human sounding, Vocalizer Expressive text-to-speech synthesiser to read documents and apps out loud.

Intelligent Screen Reader
Text style information is announced so you can check your documents look great. Verbosity tells you about the types and states of over 60 kinds of control as you tab and arrow around web pages, Windows and app dialogs. Hear if checkboxes are checked.  Hear the position of sliders.   Hear if links have already been visited. Monitor Markers announce changes occurring elsewhere onscreen away from the cursor. Security notifications appearing in your web browser, file download progress, when the other person in an instant message conversation is typing a message, Monitor Markers will cause ScreenReader to speak automatically.

The Dolphin Cursor
Dolphin Cursor explores the screen and controls the mouse, from the keyboard. Perfect for people who cannot see the screen or find using the mouse difficult.

Scan and Read Aloud
Scan and read paper documents and letters; ScreenReader includes inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so you can independently read print documents.  Just add a scanner! 

Braille Display Support
Over 50 literary and computer Braille translation tables included for Braille beginners, language students and computer programmers. Also includes the new Unified English Braille Code alongside traditional Grade I Uncontracted and Grade II Contracted codes.

BookShelf and LauchPad
Conveniently browse and search millions of best sellers, classics and periodicals directly from ScreenReader's Bookshelf tab. Launch Pad provides instant access to audio, weather and book search. Press a couple of keys and you can listen to popular radio stations, the latest podcasts or read RSS News feeds.