Cosmo Excel

  • $1,380.00

A pack for therapy centers, hospitals, schools and other organisations to support therapy sessions and inclusive learning.

User-friendly & easy to set up

Getting started with Cosmo is as easy as a walk in the park, thanks to its straightforward and intuitive setup.

Supports holistic therapy and learning

Ready-to-use activity guides save teachers, therapists and care professionals valuable preparation time.

Highly engaging

Cosmo’s captivating iPad activities and interactive features keep learners fully immersed and excited throughout their educational and therapy journey.

Resilient design

Manufactured with high-quality materials, Cosmo is engineered to endure and serve you over time.

Evidence-based platform

Independent research conducted by the University of Birmingham has confirmed the effectiveness of Cosmo, showing positive results in attention, engagement, and emotional regulation.

Comprehensive skill development

Cosmo is tailored for individuals with special educational and therapy needs and early-years learners, supporting the development of essential life and academic skills.


“I'm an advisor on inclusive technology to schools. I think Cosmo is one of the most exciting and versatile pieces of inclusive technology I've come across in some 15 years working in special education. I've implemented Cosmo with learners across different settings and needs - including PMLD, SLD and ASD. It's been effective in supporting many areas of the curriculum including social skills, communication, attention and movement” Ben Anett, Advisory Teacher

“We love Cosmo! We use it to support daily curriculum teaching as well as for leisure activities and social games. The students absolutely love it. It is easy to use, intuitive, unique and so much fun!” Kim, Deputy Headteacher

“I work at a school for students with complex needs. We have 3 sets of Cosmos and we love them! Our teachers use them for partner games and our therapists use them to motivate movement.” Janet, Teacher

Testimonials & Case Studies

Video testimonials available on Google Drive and on YouTube

Read school case studies 

Read a therapy case study

Cosmo Training app activities

Activity descriptions available here

What’s in the box?

  • A Set of 6 Cosmoids

  • Micro USB cables

  • International adaptors

  • A Getting Started card

Connect to our Cosmo apps 

  1. Cosmo Training app

  2. Cosmo Switch Setup app: Android/iOS 

iPad iOS 13+ is required for the Cosmo Training app. 

Software Plans

Expand your Cosmo Excel experience by upgrading to Pro Bundle <ADD LINK> or a Software Plan <ADD LINK> to receive unlimited access to Cosmo Premium games and activities, virtual training and other perks.