Braille Labeler

  • $1,885.00

The Labeler BL-1000 available from Enabling Technologies, allows you to make sturdy, transparent labels from a continuous roll of pressure sensitive, clear label stock.

You can easily add a short message in Braille to just about any surface without obscuring existing type or graphics. Add Braille to guests' hotel keys, vending machines, DVD's or CD's, telephones, groceries and more. Just about anywhere you need it.

You do not have to know Braille to create labels that make objects in the environment more user friendly for Braille readers. The KGS Braille Labeler connects to your Windows based computer via its built-in USB or serial port. Using the free Braille Labeler Utility, included with the BL-1000, you simply enter your message and with the click of your mouse your message is translated into Braille and sent to the labeler.