b.note Braille Display

  • $3,500.00

Refreshable braille display with note-taking features
The new b.note braille display is the result of more than 40 years of design and technological innovation for the visually impaired. Combining the functions of a braille display with internal note-taking features; b.note is the next generation of refreshable braille displays.

Refreshable braille display with note-taking features

  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity: Even transfer files via Bluetooth
  • Screen reader compatibility: Works with all major screen readers and operating systems
  • Curser routing keys+: Keys permit curser routing and forward/backward movement without the need to move your hands
  • Modern design and ergonomics: Increased comfort, robustness and ease-of-use
  • Long battery life: 15 hours – recover 4 hours in just 25 minutes with USB-C fast-charging
  • Customizable control keys: User-configurable control keys (left or right-handed)
  • Robust shock protection: Includes a protective carry case and protective bumper on the device
  • esysuite access: get the same functions as a full braille note-taker for much-reduced cost, connecting b.note to your PC with the esysuite software
  • Soft-touch Perkins keyboard: Keys press easily and comfortably
  • Built-in speakers and earphones: For comfort and privacy
  • Quality Design & Manufacturing: Made in France by eurobraille (40 year history)
  • 2-year warranty: Parts and labor included


You can use b.note like a standard braille display; connecting with a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth to your computer, phone or other device. You can also transfer files through the dedicated USB connection.

b.note also adds a unique feature: You can transfer files wirelessly, through the Bluetooth connection (PC/Android only, for now).


Use Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Any major screen reader will work, including: JAWS, NVDA, SuperNova, VoiceOver, TalkBack, BrailleBack and more.

Less hand movement required

The unique routing keys on b.note have 2 functions. One is to route the curser to that location in the text, like standard curser routing keys. But with b.note, you can also use the curser routing keys to move you forwards or backwards; eliminating the need to move your hands to press the forward/backward buttons. Just press lightly on the curser key for character 1 and you move backwards; the remaining curser keys all move you forward. Press strong to make the standard curser routing command. Keep your hands in place and save your wrists.

Modern Design

European precision-designed housing and keys make b.note ergonomic and robust. The keys feel solid and press easily. b.note even includes a rubber “bumper” that is integrated into the device housing, to help you better grip it and protect against drops.


It doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed, your b.note can adapt. A simple change in the b.note settings will permit you to swap the functions of the control keys to the opposite side.


Get up to 15 hours of continuous use from your b.note, before you need to charge. When you do, the powerful USB-C charger will bring back 30% of your battery in just 25 minutes and 80% in 1 1/2 hours.

EsySuite Software Package

Want to bring the full power of a braille notetaker to your b.note, for a far lower cost? esysuite; the powerful suite of apps that is the core of the eurobraille braille notetaker, b.book, is also available as a standalone application for Windows. Use your b.note with esysuite to create and edit documents, import documents, use dictionaries and encyclopedias, scan/OCR and translate to text. esysuite boasts powerful features for creating, editing and scanning math, as well as translating back and forth between braille math and print math. There are even features within esysuite for creating and editing braille music.