Scribe for Meetings - Annual License

  • $3,250.00

What is Scribe for Meetings?

As the world continues to move to a virtual environment, you need an affordable solution that guarantees full access to everyone in your audience. Pneuma Solutions, the global leader in accessible cloud solutions, introduces Scribe for Meetings! The goal is to make the on-screen content in your online meetings and webinars accessible to print-impaired participants in as easy a manner as possible.

To use this service as a presenter, your organization must have a master account with Pneuma Solutions.   It is important to note that Scribe for meetings is free for any organization who's mandate is primarily to service the low vision and blind population.  If you qualify for this, please contact us and we will get you set up with a free account for your organization.

How Does Scribe for Meetings Work?

Using Scribe for Meetings to attend events is always free.

The Scribe for Meetings app runs during the presentation, monitors the information being displayed in the meeting, and sends information about the on-screen content to the Scribe cloud service. Scribe syncs that information with the slides that the presenter previously uploaded, and displays an accessible version of the content in real time in its own window, where a print-impaired participant can read the content as if they were reading a web page.

Presenters can optionally provide the content of a presentation for later offline viewing in alternate formats. Using our Augmented Document Remediation technology, Scribe for Meetings can convert your presentation into eight different accessible formats in over 140 different languages:

  1. Accessible HTML
  2. Tagged PDF
  3. MP3, via text-to-speech in about a dozen languages
  4. DAISY, text plus audio
  5. EPUB
  6. RTF
  7. Braille: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Unified English Braille
  8. Large print

Scribe's Augmented Document Remediation technology has seen an average 96% accuracy, as reported by our users and internal testing. We are obsessively improving our ADR technology until we reach 100% automated document remediation. However, in the event certified human document remediation of the presentation is necessary, we can provide it for as little as $10 per page with turnaround usually within about 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the source material.