Navilens Indoor and Outdoor Wayfinding

Navilens Indoor and Outdoor Wayfinding

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This is an example of a Navilens Code.  These codes are designed to be printed and posted where they can be scanned by the camera of a smartphone using the Navilens App (for blind or visually impaired users) or the NaviLens Go App (for everyone else).

Visually impaired users can pan their phone around in their environment.  When the app sees a code it announces the distance to the code so that a user is immediately oriented to where the code is and how far away it it is.  It then delivers any other information associated with the code such as the name of the location and relevant information about the surrounding.

Sighted users can scan the code with the NaviLens Go App.  This will deliver the information to them, translating it to the language their phone is using if required.  Directions for wheelchair accessibility can be included to guide people to accessible pathways.

Navilens also has a API which can connect to a wide variey of live information sources.  For example scanning a code at a bus stop could access information about the bus route and arrival time of busses.  An airport could tie into their arrivals and departures so that someone who scanned the board could have the information read out to them in real time.

Best of all, Navilens codes have no battery to discharge.  If someone removes a sign replacement is as simple as reprinting the code.

Generic codes can also be used, so you might have 1 code to announce washrooms and then use the same code over and over for all the washrooms in a building.

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