JAZZ Joystick

JAZZ Joystick

  • $410.00

JAZZ Joystick is suitable both for controlling a cursor (Mouse Mode) and also for switch scanning (Switch Scanning Mode). The latter can only be used in grid based AAC devices such as Gridpad from Smartbox*. The two options allow the user to switch seamlessly between cursor control and switch scanning where required.

180 x 102 x 112mm high (joystick)
Palm rest height approx 35mm.

JAZZ also features a low profile, providing a natural hand rest for comfortable operation, and will work with USB compatible computers of all types. As with all of Pretorian’s mouse alternatives, no drivers need be loaded onto the computer.

There are four speed settings and the centre button gives the user access to a ‘drag’ feature, allowing the left click to be engaged for an extended period, for example when moving an icon on screen. Additionally, the unit is switch adapted via two 3.5mm sockets. The left socket replicates whatever function is set to the left button, and the right socket can be used for quick toggle between Mouse and Switch Scanning modes.