SimplyWorks Control

  • $165.00

SimplyWorks Control is a single channel wireless toy controller for battery operated toys and appliances. Light weight and small enough to be fastened to a toy, the unit has an operating range of 10 metres and features the following modes:

  • Direct (toy activates for as long as the switch is pressed)
  • Latched (press the switch once for on and again for off)
  • Timed Seconds
  • Timed Minutes

A timed output can always be cancelled by pressing the Mode button?

When a timed output is selected, the time period is set using a string of LEDs.

The unit requires 2 x AAA batteries and will operate for many months without the need to replace them. As usual with Pretorian products, there’s no on/off switch- the unit powers down automatically after a period of inactivity. Just press any button to wake it up again.