APPlicator MAX

APPlicator MAX

  • $435.00

APPlicator MAX is a new addition to the APPlicator line up and has been specifically designed for disabled users who need to use a single switch or set of switches with multiple devices, or who need to have multiple levels of settings for their switches for different apps on a single device. It may be used with up to four devices of all types, including AAC devices, iPad/iPhone, Android devices, PC’s/Laptops with Bluetooth support, Mac’s, Chromebooks and Apple TV.

APPlicator MAX allows quick and easy switching between devices using either a separate switch or an extended press of one of the functional switches.

Up to four switches may be configured, each of which is programmable with a different function for each of the devices, allowing a single switch or set of switches to control your devices in any number of different ways.

Features ( in addition to standard APPlicator )

  • Allows up to four switches to be used on multiple devices/ apps without re-plugging/ re-programming.
  • Connects to up to four devices (Multiple Devices use-case).
  • Alternatively, may be set to Single Device, Multiple Levels use-case (4 Levels).
  • Fifth switch to select device (or extended press on one of the other four).
  • Function of each switch may be individually selected for each device.

APPlicator MAX may be configured to work in one of two distinct ways:

Multiple Device use-case - APPlicator MAX connects to up to four devices and may switch between them using a dedicated switch or a long press of one of the other switches. Useful when you have several devices that you wish to control from a single switch, or set of switches.

Single Device, Multiple Levels use-case. - APPlicator MAX connects to a single device and may be switched between four Levels of switch functions, allowing it to used with multiple apps requiring differing switch functions on the same device.