ML Air Go Mobile Camera

  • $10,955.00

MagniLink AIR Go is a mobile and wireless distance camera that can be easily moved between different locations. Place it anywhere where it has a clear line-of-sight and connect through Wifi.

A mobile solution for students and employees

MagniLink AIR Go is best suited for school and work environments where it can be combined with a MagniLink video magnifier and other accessories adapted to the individual needs and desires of the user. This creates opportunities for a better, more independent everyday life!

MagniLink AIR Go is particularly suitable for visually impaired pupils/students who frequently change classrooms. All that is required is a flat surface, such as the top of a bench or a cabinet, and a clear line-of-sight to what you want the camera to see, typically a whiteboard or similar. It works just as well in an office environment and is easy to move between different meeting and conference rooms.

Great flexibility

MagniLink AIR Go is easily connected via Wifi and the image is transmitted wirelessly to the user's screen, but can also be transmitted via network cable if desired. The device can be connected to PC, Mac, Chromebook or iPad, which means great freedom of choice. In addition, a battery is included that provides up to 5.5 hours of use and means that MagniLink AIR Go does not have to be placed next to a wall socket.

Accessories that facilitate

If the MagniLink AIR system is to be used by a student who does not have access to a computer, you can use a control unit with pre-installed software instead.The image is then transferred via cable from the MagniLink AIR Go to the control unit. This unit is in turn connected to a separate monitor that displays the camera image. An easy- to- use controller (hand control) is included, but you can also choose to control the software by a keyboard and a computer mouse.

Additional accessories that are available include OCR / TTS – a text-to-speech function that makes it possible to OCR-process a text and have it read aloud, as well as an external controller (hand control) to control the system if you prefer not to control the system directly from the software or computer keyboard.