ML Air Frame Grabber Wi-Fi incl Router, software and TTS (Stand Alone)

  • $3,145.00

MagniLink AIR Frame grabber wirelessly transmits the image from an external image source, such as a projector or smartboard, to the computer. The person with impaired vision can see the presentation directly on their own screen and e.g. enlarge and change the contrast in the displayed image. Does not work with MagniLink ChromeViewer.

The stand alone version of this consists of a video encoder paired to a wireless router.  The user joins the wifi from the router and runs the free Viewer software from LVI on a Mac, PC or iPad.  It can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other connected LVI cameras.  There's no limit to how many people can share the connection.

The wifi router can also be connected to an existing wifi source to pass through an internet connection while connected to the Frame Grabber.