CARY Base - Dementia Clock with Remote Calendar Scheduling for Support Workers and Family

  • $615.00

CARY Base is a calendar clock for people who need extra help keeping track of the hours of the day, as well as the day’s events.

CARY Base shows information about the date and time, as well as whether it is morning, daytime, evening or night. By pressing the screen, the information will be read out loud. The day’s events can be shown on the screen, and spoken reminders can be received at desired times. Family members or caregivers can help to keep your calendar up-to-date remotely via myAbilia. (Make sure you start with a User account, not an Administration or Support Account.)

For people who might have difficulty touching the screen to silence alarms there is also a switch jack for alternative input.

There is also an output jack for vibrating or light flashing alarms for people with hearing impairments.