Sunu Band - Social Distancing for the Blind.

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Sunu band is a sonar smartband that improves navigation for the visually impaired. Sunu band combines sonar or echolocation with gentle precise vibrations to inform the user about objects or obstacles within their environment.

The band emits a high-frequency sound wave that bounces off of objects that the user encounters. The resulting vibratory pattern changes depending on how close or far away the object is to the user.

Sunu band augments awareness of the user’s personal space, reduces unwanted accidents and ultimately improves confidence while providing a more fluid and enjoyable mobility. Users of Sunu Band wear it in conjunction with the cane or guide dog to augment awareness and complement mobility by detecting obstacles to the body and head in way that's discreet and unobtrusive.

How Sunu Band Improves Mobility

Improves Awareness
Feel your environment with vibrations and avoid accidents to your upper body.

Follow in a line with ease and maintain your personal space.

Gap Finding
Find doorways and threshholds. Smoothly navigate through crowded spaces.

Adjust the range, sensitivity, with the app to fit your lifestyle

Features and Benefits

Sonar Sensor
Guides your way around obstacles so that you can walk with confidence

Smart Watch
Tell time with vibrations and set discreet vibratory alarms with the app

Mobile App
Update, customize and get new features and apps that fit your active lifestyle

More Sensors
Get motivated and be more active with our activity tracker

Compass and Navigation
Know your way, explore new places and get directions to the places you want to go

The Sunu App is also available in French!