Image of Prismatic Spectacles - Metal Silver Frame

Prismatic Spectacles - Metal Silver Frame

  • $200.00

Looking at an object at a closer distance makes the image on the retina larger.  Doing so requires an accommodation effort to maintain a sharp focus. Spectacle magnifiers are reading glasses with higher convex power than usual. The stronger the lenses are, the shorter the reading distance will be and the larger the image on the retina will be. In order to maintain fusion and reduce muscular strain, built-in prisms are required for binocular systems. Prismatic spectacles provide a hands-free solution for patients requiring low magnification. The recommended reading distance depends on the power of the prismatic glasses.

  • Reading spectacle magnifiers with high convex power
  • Choice between plastic or metal frames
  • Designed to ensure lenses never touch the skin
  • Lenses with scratch resistant coating
  • Cases are included with all spectacles