Latitude Arm w/ Micro Light Switch Plate

Latitude Arm w/ Micro Light Switch Plate

  • $500.00

The Latitude Mounting Arm features 3 pivot points and quick-release levers for maximum adjustability to extend up to 20-in/51-cm and can hold up to 7-lb/3.2-kg. Use the Super Clamp to mount to any surface.

The Latitude Mounting Arm provides an ideal balance of strength, durability, and flexibility. The Latitude Arm makes it easy to handle just about any mounting challenge. From a standardized base interface, to quick-release levers, to a universal plate connector, the Latitude Arm gives you all the options of a mounting system that costs much more.

Latitude Mounting Arm features:

  • Utilizes Super Clamp for mounting to a table, chair, bed, or just about any other surface
  • Includes one Mounting Plate

Latitude Mounting Arm technical specifications:

  • Mounted Products Max Weight: 7-lb/3.2-kg
  • Mounting Surfaces: Table Edge (2-in max), Tubing
  • Articulation (Positional Range): High
  • Positional Rigidity (Strength): High
  • Range/Reach: 20-in/51-cm
  • Maintenance Period Adjustment: No
  • Base Connection Method: Super Clamp
  • Weight: 2.2-lb/1.0-kg
  • Cord Management: Yes