Handheld LED Optical Magnifier

  • $135.00

Our handheld magnifiers consist of several models with strengths ranging from 3X/8D to 10X/36D. They include built-in LED illumination to improve contrast and image quality of the text. Designed to provide lightweight and compact magnifiers, they are useful for in-home spot reading tasks such as reading labels, instructions, prescriptions on a bottle and checking bills. They are also useful on the move for spotting prices at the super market and reading restaurant menus. 


  • Magnification and lens diameters
    • 3X/8D : 75 X 50 mm
    • 4X/12D : 70 mm
    • 5X/16D : 55mm
    • 6X/20D : 50 mm
    • 7X/23D : 45 mm
    • 8X/28D : 35 mm
    • 10X/36D : 35 mm
  • Uses three "AAA" batteries