Deep Pressure Vest - S

Deep Pressure Vest - S

  • $415.00

The Squease pressure vest is a lightweight, air-filled vest designed to apply therapeutic pressure to the person wearing the vest. The hug-like pressure provided by Squease can help the wearer with sensory overload, avoid meltdowns, and improve concentration in the classroom and in the community. Squease is designed for people of all ages, who have difficulties processing sensory information, like people with Autism, ADHD, and sleeping or anxiety disorders. 

Squease’s unique design has a discreet profile and allows the wearer to easily inflate the vest to just the right amount of pressure by using a hand-held pump. 

Squease is very easy for parents and educators to use with their child or student. 

Why choose a Squease pressure vest?
  • Therapeutic benefits from the hug-like pressure
  • Adjustable sizes provide comfortable and controlled pressure
  • Lightweight and discreet profile so it can be worn almost anywhere at anytime
  • Can be inflated by the user or by a parent, teacher, or therapist
  • Vest material is easy to clean
  • 2-year warranty

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